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Unconventional Fish  Restaurant

The pursuit of excellence based
on the best fish products from Italy and the world,
Amare's cuisine unites the Italian soul
with a contemporary and international style. 


Uniqueness of the routes,
Flavor in the tastings,
Sharing fun,
Excellence in every bite.
An unconventional fish restaurant concept
with an attractive menu that, 
between various routes, tastings and courses, it makes the Amare experience unique and inimitable.

The venue, refined and elegant, is spread over three levels,
​with a private room, and 
a fantastic terrace

overlooking Piazza Cola di Rienzo

Sergio Galletti and Fausto Milillo
await you in their restaurant with an exclusive and comfortable atmosphere, where excellence, relaxation, sociability, fun and friendliness reign supreme:


"We are a family of specialized entrepreneurs

in fish catering,

with over twenty years of tradition.

The passion for the sea and its products

it is the cornerstone of our history;

being able to convey all this to our guests is

the greatest success.

With Amare we have created an attractive fish restaurant,

with a cool and international feel

combined with oursItalian soul,

where the Customer is put at the center of everything and can have fun with our proposals.

A serious cuisine that doesn't need tricks"

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